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Jason Morales, REALTOR® with exp® Realty


A little about me…

I’ve been a realtor for over four years but my story is more detailed than that. I was born and raised in Lamesa, TX. I studied English and graduated from Angelo State University in 2002. At the age of 19, while working my way through college I found my first call center job. Although my intentions were to teach I found that’s not where my passion was. Although I chose not to become a teacher I couldn’t neglect the feeling inside of me to help others. Through my job at that time I found providing a service while selling by phone to be a trade I did rather well in and spent the next 18 years doing just that. Whether I worked for Cadillac, Dell, or ultimately Nationwide I found myself in one call center or another as the years passed. I moved to San Antonio in 2009 and began my career in insurance. My last call center job was with Nationwide Insurance, after having been in insurance sales and service for almost 8 years. Ironically one of my supervisors noted that every time a call turned to the subject of protecting a client’s home it peaked my interest and my passion flared. It was my supervisor who stated something along the lines of: “you know Jason as much as you like selling home insurance maybe you should be a realtor.” We had a good laugh, and then I went out and got my real estate license, lol!!

This brings us up to date (kind of). Having been in real estate for a while now I’ve done some investigating and have found most real estate websites to be of very little help unless you give your contact info and once you’ve submitted your contact info you’re then bombarded with calls and emails. I’ve designed my website with you in mind. Here you’re welcome to get whatever you want and required to give absolutely nothing, there are no charges and you don’t have to submit any contact info to use JustAskJason.net. Simple and non-intrusive, you can’t really ask for more than that!!

The services I provide my clients are designed to save you time and money.

  • First-time homeowners programs
  • Down payment assistance programs
  • Buyers representation
  • Listing agent/Move-up Program
  • Military relocating for all branches, as well as local, state, and federal government employees.
  • Partnerships with lenders based on individual client needs
  • Access to San Antonio re-sale inventory (MLS)
  • Access to new construction homes before they’re on the market
  • Credit Repair

Having read all of that you’re probably asking yourself if I have time for anything other than real estate and the answer is absolutely YES!! Although I do have a passion for real estate and helping my clients there’s more to life than work. I love playing golf as well as camping and fishing. When time permits I enjoy playing chess with friends or reading a good book. Over the years I’ve developed quite a collection of Stephen King books. What’s your favorite book, why? These are the things I love to do and talk about when I’m not busy with real estate but ultimately for me, it’s all about family! I work in real estate to have the flexibility to spend time with Ednita and our son Antonio. I work in real estate to be able to provide for my family. Real estate is my livelihood but it’s not my life, much like you or someone you know my family is my life. I hope you’ve enjoyed your time here at JustAskJason.net and I hope you find it to be a productive resource. If there’s anything you need feel free to reach out to me, I’m here to help.


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